Electric Arc Furnace Off Gas System Design
Electric Arc Furnace Off Gas System Design
New EAF Off-Gas System

Electric Arc Furnace Off-Gas System Design

Client: Nucor Steel

Location: Jewett, TX

Preliminary and Detail Design and Commissioning of a New Off-Gas System for a new Electric Arc Furnace Meltshop.

  • EAF Primary and Secondary Fume Collection Design
  • LMF and Caster Canopy Fume collection Design
  • 1,680,000 ACFM Reverse Air Baghouse Design
  • Optimized EAF canopy hood and meltshop design through Computational Fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling
  • Detail Engineering – Process, mechanical, and electrical/instrumentation
  • Equipment Sizing, Specification Preparation, and Bid Evaluation
  • Total Drawings: 140
  • Commissioning and Performance Testing
Project History

Basic Engineering
Detail Engineering
Hot Commissioning

March 2002
June 2002
May 2004
July 2004