Meltshop Air Pollution Control System Evaluation

Client: Evraz

Location: Claymont, DE

Evaluate the performance of the existing meltshop air pollution control system and make recommendations to improve emissions capture from the various sources within the meltshop.

Air Pollution Control Systems Review:
  • Complete analysis and evaluation of the current air pollution control system
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model of the meltshop:
    • Evaluate various ventilation scenarios
    • Optimize canopy hood design
    • Optimize canopy hood exhaust rates
    • Reducing meltshop openings
  • Provide short term recommendations to improve the APC system with minimal capital expenditure
  • Provide long-term recommendations optimize exhaust rates to all fume collection points and minimize meltshop fugitive emissions
Meltshop Air Pollution Control System Evaluation (Evraz)
Meltshop CFD Model Geometry
Project History

Study Complete
Basic Engineering
New Off-Gas System Optimization

September 2010
December 2010
June 2013

Meltshop Air Pollution Control System Basic EngineeringMeltshop Fume Collection System Study