EAF Off-Gas Waste Heat Recovery

Client: NatSteel

Location: Singapore

Conceptual and Basic Engineering for waste heat recovery systems for EAF off-gas.

  • Develop Process Design Basis
  • Establish Primary Off-Gas Cleaning System Design
  • Establish Primary Off-Gas Heat Recovery Potential
  • Evaluate System Modifications to Reduce Gas Volume and Increase Temperatures
  • Evaluate Various Heat Recovery Options for High Grade and Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery
  • Benchmark Gas Cleaning and Waste Heat Recovery Systems with Similar Operations
  • Develop General Arrangement Drawings
  • Develop Capital Cost Estimate to +/- 25% Accuracy
  • Calculate Project Economics
EAF Off Gas Waste Heat Recovery
Proposed EAF Shaft Modifications to Reduce Air Infiltration
Project History

Conceptual Engineering
Basic Engineering

August 2010
February 2011

Process Energy Intensity EvaluationRe-Heat Furnace Waste Heat Recovery System