HIsmelt Fume Extraction System Upgrades

Client: Rio Tinto HIsmelt

Location: Kwinana, Australia

Design and Detail Engineering of New Fume Extraction Hoods.

Project Work Includes:
  • Complete analysis and evaluation of the current fume extraction system operation
  • Recommend modifications to existing fume extraction system
    • Improve fugitive emission capture
    • Reduce maintenance requirements
  • Develop new fume extraction hood designs
    • Improved fugitive emission capture
    • Utilize the existing fume extraction baghouse system
  • CFD modeling of the hood concepts
    • Determine required hood exhaust rates
    • Predict fugitive emission rates
  • Detail design of hood concepts
    • Metal tapping and transfer launder hoods
    • Casting station and launder hoods
    • Slag tapping and transfer launders hoods
    • Desulphurization station hoods
HIsmelt Fume Extraction System Upgrades
CFD Modeling of Hood Concept
HIsmelt Fume Extraction System Upgrades
Project History

Conceptual Engineering
Detail Engineering

February 2007
December 2007

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