Energy Optimization & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

GCT has extensive expertise in heat recovery and energy optimization, including process plant energy intensity assessments, and process unit energy optimization, which directly impact GHG emissions. GCT regularly performs energy assessments for process equipment and off-gas systems. GCT identifies practical approaches to recover heat from the off-gas in the form of steam, preheated air, or direct recycle that can be used in other processes to reduce fuel consumption. Specific capabilities include:

  • Audit and assessment of existing process operations with respect to productivity, efficiency, and environmental considerations
  • Benchmarking of energy consumption in process operations
  • Evaluation of material inputs, equipment capabilities and operating practices aimed at improved operating efficiency and reduction of GHG generation
  • Smart-Gas® technology – a proven low maintenance, user-friendly, and modular tool using proprietary software which enables melt shops to optimize their EAF’s total energy usage in real-time, while providing guaranteed minimum overall net savings of at least US$1.00/ton, plus safety and environmental benefits without the need to measure off-gas chemistry.

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