Engineering Design of Process Vessels and Furnaces

GCT staff has experience in the engineering design of kilns, roasters, furnaces, and other process vessels in the metals industry. Our design applications offer:

  • Process design and metallurgical expertise
  • Unique design application and expertise in copper cooling technologies and refractories
  • Design of high power and high productivity process vessels
  • Design of various furnace types (electric furnace, bath smelting furnace, flash smelting furnace, blast furnace, kilns, rotary vessels, cupola, fluid bed, and solid/gas reaction)
  • Long campaign life, operating time, and less maintenance
  • Specialized applications to obtain high processing rates
  • Numerous proven retrofit improvements and greenfield installations
  • Commissioning, ramp-up and debottlenecking/optimization expertise
Engineering Design of Process Vessels and Furnaces

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